Choose a rehab program or take a wellness package in our Rehab center in Lipari.

We Are in Lipari
Eolian Islands


We Are in Lipari

Lipari is the main island and our rehab center is very close to ferries. 
Eolian Islands are in the north of Messina and in front of Calabria.

Closest Airports

You can fly to

Catania Airport
Reggio Calabria Airport
Palermo Airport

and we will manage the rest of your trip

Rehab & Wellness

Rehab & Wellness

COT Lipari is a center for physiotherapy treatments and wellness treatments for patience from the island and for people coming from abroad.

In fact, it is possible to book specific visits or treatments even during holidays.

There is a possibility for beauty packages and rehabilitation treatments. We can plan your stay with the support of our International Office and plan your personalized package.

Healthcare & Tourism

Lipari has always been a destination for people who want to enjoy the sea, the sun, clean beaches and the beauty of life on the island.

At COT Lipari it is possible to do this by assisting health treatments with the pleasure of relaxation.

These Islands are know all over the world for the beauty of sea, vulcans and nature.

We can plan you stay in the best way trough our partnership with the Hotel and Restaurant owners.

We can plan your stay, supporting you with the best services and you can enjoy this beautiful places in free time.


Physio-aesthetics is a branch of physiotherapy.

Treatments are not invasive, there is no surgery, they are focused on the origin of the problem for an effective and lasting resolution.

The sessione are entrusted to health professionals who use the latest generation of electromedical devices, instruments present exclusively in the medical-physiatric centers.


Treatments for degenerative and traumatic pathologies affecting the structures of the musculoskeletal system. 

Based on rehabilitation programs based on the recovery of motor and functional skills.

All The Treatments

Available On The Island

Laser Therapy

Muscle Electrostimulation

Hydrokinesis Therapy

Magneto Therapy


Massage Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy



Hydro Therapy

Kneipp Path

Sport Rehabilitation

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